* * * * * P/2016 BA14 (PANSTARRS) * * * * *

Year Mn Day MM Mag Ref Scope Pwr coma DC tail p.a. Obs Site 2016 3 25.934 I 14.2:AQ 30.5T 179 9 BOU Burlage, Germany (Moonlight. Followed over a period of about 30m. Only glimpsed with certainty a few times during moments of good seeing. Still moving pretty fast.) 2016 3 25.933 I 13.8:AQ 30.5T 179 9 DIJ Burlage (Moonlight.) 2016 3 25.83 V 14.5 TK 8.0R 1.0 QVA Holmestrand 2016 3 25.82 C 14.2 TK 8.0R 1.0 QVA Holmestrand 2016 3 22.47 I 12.8 AQ 40.6L 260 9 CAM Warners Bay, NSW (Comet completely stellar in appearance.) 2016 3 22.44 I 13.0 TA 40.0L 257 YOS Mt. Hanadate, Ibaraki (Only several hours after the closest approach to the earth. It moved very fast among the stars. Because it was located very near the full moon and the backgroudn sky was so bright, I waited until the comet passed near bright landmark stars. I wondered if I could not see it due to the strong moonlight, but I was lucky and I could see it. Motion was confirmed during 20 minutes. The sky condition was bad and background faint stars looked somewhat fuzzy. So I could not confirm if the comet looked stellar or cometary.)