* * * * * C/2006 WD4 (Lemmon) * * * * *

Year Mn Day MM Mag Ref Scope Pwr coma DC tail p.a. Obs Site 2007 6 5.93 S 13.2 TK 20.3T 160 0.8 3 GON Alto del Castro - Aralla, León (Mountain location, very clear sky. Motion checked during a 25-min period. Nearby field stars checked in DSS.) 2007 5 26.49 S[12.2 TA 40.0L 257 !0.6 YOS Kita-karuizawa, Gunma (I tried to catch it for 25 minutes, but failed. The comet was predicted to fade out very quickly after it appeared in the evening sky. So this is the first and the last chance to observe it. I could have a fine sky without clouds in the low sky, but I could not see it due to the poor sky condition.)